Now! Technology Inc.

Now! Technology Inc. is a Calgary based company whose expertise is software design.

We help solve complex business problems for companies of all sizes by developing exceptionally easy-to- use software, which works the way you want, supported with fast, efficient, customer service.

Our Products, which can be rented or licensed by you, are:

EDI Viewer AB Crown Royalty Invoice
EDI Viewer SK Crown Royalty Invoice
EDI Viewer BC Crown Royalty Invoice
EDI Viewer Allowable Costs (GCA)
EDI Viewer Property Tax Assessment
EDI Viewer Freehold Mineral Tax
CaseFlow (Court Scheduling)

We have a solution to meet your cash flow requirements.

We are currently working on projects with or providing services to over 80 companies of all sizes, from companies as large as Encana Corporation and Imperial Oil, to smaller exploration companies like Endev Energy and Regent Resources, to one person private consultants.

We have alliances with several information technology companies,
which allows us to lead projects of any size.


EDI Viewer User Manual